NZ Singer Songwriter Finlay Tate Robertson may be small in stature but she sure packs one hell of a punch with her vocals, and just as you become accustomed to that powerhouse voice, she will strip it back and lure you deep into her soul with her rich, indulgent husky tones…

Growing up you were more likely to hear her before you saw her because Fin’s love of music saw her take every opportunity to sing her lungs out from very early on. “Mum & Dad took me to Musical Tots when I was 9 months old and that led to The Sunshine Generation which is like music classes for toddlers. I also remember Nana had me up on the bar singing at the local pub in Oamaru when I was about 8. It was moments like these that made me realise all I wanted to do was sing”. It was around this time that Finlay successfully auditioned for the role of Young Cosette in the local theatre production of Les Miserables and gained valuable experience in another form of performance. Plentiful childhood hours were happily spent in rehearsals and performing.

Throughout her college years Fin began experimenting with her musical talent. She became an integral part of her College’s Barbershop family, where she sang in both the girls chorus and as baritone in a quartet, something that taught her a lot about harmony and technical skill. At the other end of the spectrum, she fronted multiple rock bands entering NZ music must-dos Smokefree Rockquest and Battle of the Bands competitions. Smashing out original tracks as a team and writing some softer acoustic tracks as a solo artist opened up the world of lyricism for Fin as she discovered a flair to weave her words together to create beautiful, personal art with relatable meaning.

“My college years were really important years in terms of my musical development, I learnt there is a lot more to singing, I learnt a lot about myself and really found my voice there”.

2014 saw Fin selected for The Black Stars representing New Zealand with thirteen others at the World Championships of Performing Arts in Los Angeles. It was a very successful trip with her bringing home 8 medals in total, however Fin says the most valuable thing she brought home couldn’t be held in your hand. “It was being amongst so many artists from all over the world with just as much passion for music, with so much talent … this was inspiring on a whole other level. The vibrancy of the different cultures & languages immersed together, seeing the music and artistry flow as everyone performed. I brought home an experience that I’ll remember forever and friendships that will last a lifetime. Through music I have formed unbreakable bonds, that became really important to me”.

More recently and one of her most notable achievements to date would be making the Top 10 in New Zealand’s second season of the X Factor (after making it as far as the Judges Retreats in the previous season). According to Fin, being a part of the X Factor Live Shows opened her eyes to the hunger she has for a life of performing and reaching out to people who enjoy the music she intends to create. The show allowed for decent exposure presenting Fin with a fan base she’d never known before. Instantaneously she felt a desire to have a connection with her fans and she dedicates time to respond to and thank any one who has followed and supported her journey. “Without them, who would I be?”…

The next venture for Finlay Tate Music starts right here.
She is currently hard at work in the midst of the exhilarating process of creating and producing her own music. Taking the necessary time to perfect every single lyric, melody, chord and beat, so it becomes something special that can be shared between her and her audience.

Until then Finlay Tate intends to keep you posted with regular covers, and updates to her blog so we can all continue to follow this exciting journey.